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Inventors and Inventions

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By: Lorena Bueno


Avenzoar was known as one of the gretatest physicans and suregeons of the "Muslim Golden Era".

Life:Avenzoar started his medical practice in Seville, but later on he lost the approval of ruling king, so he had to escape from Seville. He was captured and then sent to jail in Marrakesh, which he stayed in for two decades. When his sentence was almost over the Almohad dynasty conquered Seville and Avenzoar returned to his city. He spent his time in medical practice, research and teaching until the year he died. Avenzoar's accurate date is unknow but he passed away in the year 1162 A.D.

Biography:Avenzoar is a nickname for Ibn Zuhr. He was born in Seville, Spain 1090. He was of Muslim belief, and orginiated from the Middle East. He was a physician and was successful with his career in the 12th century. He was a descendant of a great family of physicians. His son later was said to become even better than Avenzoar.

Discovering the cause of scabies made him a parasitologist. He also gave descriptions of tumors, intestinal phthisis, inflammation of the middle ear aswell. These descriptions helped to the new advancements known today.

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Mental disorders weren't understood back then, and so Avenzoar was the first to give accurate descriptions of the mental disorders which included thrombophlebitis, and meningitis.

Education:Avenzoar studided in the University of Cordoba, specializing in medicine.

Avenzoar did live up to his title as the "Muslim of the Golden Era". He focused his work on medicine and surgery. He described the cause of scabies correctly, and explained it origin that came from a parasite.

AdvancementsAvenzoar gave the idea to perform experimental surgery on animals. An example would be tracheotomy, which he successfully performed on a goat. These experimentation are still used today in modern times. We use them in schools to learn more about the anatomy of animals share similarities with the human anatomy.



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