[2015] Autumn Herrington: Autumn and Walter

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[2015] Autumn Herrington: Autumn and Walter

When Europeans first arrived in North America, the Haudenosaunee were based in what is now the northeastern United States, primarily in what is referred to today as upstate New York west of the Hudson River and through the Finger Lakes region. Today, the Iroquois live normally in New York, Quebec, and Ontario.

Men built houses and palisades, fished, hunted, and engaged in military activities. Groups of women produced crops of corn, beans, and squash, gathered wild foods, and prepared all clothing and most other residential goods. After the autumn harvest, family deer-hunting groups ranged far into the forests, returning to their villages at winter. Spring runs of fish brought families to nearby streams and lake inlets.

The Iroquois also known as the Haudenosaunee or the (People of the Longhouse), are a league of many nations and tribes of indigenous people of North America. After the Iroquoian-speaking peoples of present-day central and upstate New York coalesced as distinct tribes, by the 16th century or earlier, they came together in an association today known as the Iroquois League, or the "League of Power and Peace".


The Seneca are a Native American people, one of the Six Nations of the Iroquois League. About 10,000 Seneca Indians live in the United States and Canada, primarily on reservations in western New York state, with others living in Oklahoma and near Brantford, Ontario.



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