Autonomous robots

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Autonomous robots

AutonomousRobotsBy: Tyler

Autonomous Robots can act on thier own. Independent of any controller. When you turn the robot on it zips along in a straight line. When it finally hits an obstacle the impact pushes in its bumper sensor. The robots programming tells it to back up turn to the right and move forward again.

-What is a roomba?-How doES a roomba vacuum cleaner work?-What is inside a roomba?

It takes about an hour fora full charge and it spends about an hour vacuuming a 450-square foot room.

The Army's medium machine gun can fire on itself with no help from humans.

This robot tug is lending a helping hand aT a hospital by delivering food,medicine, etc. to patients in the hospital.

By 2016 there will be a 6 foot tall police robot that will patrol our streets.


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