Autonomous Robots

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Autonomous Robots

This is an autotnomous robot that explores space!

Autonomous RobotsBy: Annalise

An autonomous robot is a robot that performs behaviors or tasks with a high degree of autonomy which is particuarly desirable in fields such as mowing or exploring outer space! Autonomous robots can act on their own, independent of any controller.

This sort of robot doesn't usually have eyes or cameras, so it feels its way around with sensors. When it bumps into something, its sensor tells it to back up and turn. It's like you trying to find your way around a dark ro room!

An autonomous robot in a hotel could deliver things to rooms. An autonomous robot could even be programed to be a security guard!

This autonomous robot uses sensors!

This is an autonomous robot that is a security guard!

Click on the robot to the right to find the answers to the mini web quest questions:Mobile robots have what to avoid obstcles?Advanced robots use what to see?

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