Autonomous Robots

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Autonomous Robots

Autonomous robots do things by themselves instead of humans controlling them. Autonomous robots are used in industry. They can do chores like things at home and are becoming popular toys. Some are used to protect the Pentagon by being security gaurds.

Autonomous Robots

MAARSProtects the Penagon.


TheFire Gaurd protects people from fires.

Scion FR-SLets people drive without driving.

GMTIt is an autonomous millatary robot.

Your question to your web quest1.Why do you still have to watch your autonomous robot car?2.What is an autonomous robot car?

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  • kycloyd 7 years ago

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    Dear Todd,

    I like your Glogster a lot. I like your pictures and your texts. I never thought a robot could protect someone from fire.

  • quintonemerick 7 years ago

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    I never new there are Autonomous for the Military.