Autonomous robots

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Autonomous robots

Autonomous RobotsLandon Patrick

An autonomous robot is a robot that can control itself besides being controlled by humans.The idea is to program a robot to make it respond a certain way.Autonomous robots pretty much have the ability to gain as much information about their surroundings.They can be a vacuum cleaner, mop,nurse,sea star,or a fish anything you can think of. Autonomous robots can go anywhere also.They can go to space,underwater,on land, in volcanoes, and some can go under ground.

Mini Web Quest 1.What helps K5 protect the building?2.Does K5 hurt humans?3.Who made K5? Click on the picture above for answers!

This is Prospero. He searches the ground to find out if there is a seed planted there or not.

K5 and another one of his robot mates are guarding a building.

This is Nao. He answers questions that can be right or wrong. Clilck on him (above) to watch video!

These are robots called "EPORO." They were created by Nissan to look on the internet and find true facts--not ones that were added by random people.


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