Autonomous Robots-Charli

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Autonomous Robots-Charli

Autonomous Robots- CharliMatheson Chen

Main Purpose of Charli:The purpose of this robot is to experiment with diff. mechanical configurations. It is used to improve the capabilties of humanoid robots.

Mini Web QuestQuestion 1. What is an award that Charli got?Question 2. What is the robot, Charli made of (as far as materials go)?Question 3. What does Charli stand for?

Autonomous RobotsAutonomous robots are able to operate intelligently, and are also capable to adapt to certain circumstances. This allows them to do tasks such as clean your house, delivering objects, and performing delicate treatments. In the medical field, robots mainly do delicate procedures, but there is a robot named TUG that delivers medical supplies to nurses. The Roomba can clean your house by backing away and going in a different direction after hitting an object. There's also a car that can drive a human to a said place without the human steering. Autonomous robots are very interesting robots!

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I am Saffir or another one of Charli's models that is going to be used for putting out fires on Navy Ships. Click image to see more info

Me, Charli in a fierce stance! You better watch your back!

I am a robot security guard created by KnightScope.

I am MiP. I can be controlled by bluetooth! Children use me as a toy. Click me to find out more!

Click image for a youtube video about the robot, Charli!


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