Automobiles in the 20's

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Inventors and Inventions

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Automobiles in the 20's

The invention of the Automobile has changed our livesThe options for us now seem unlimited. We can now travel far distances to see relatives and explore our beautiful country. The roads are slowly being paved so we can travel greater distances each day. The varieties of whats available in our stores have greatly increased because its easier to travel amongst the country.

1)Before the car we could only travel around 15kms/day.2)I no longer have to live in the major cities.3)New businesses are popping up like White Spot and Car washes, all because of the car.

26 Chrysler Tourer

Ford Model T

Early White Spot

Early Car Wash

Automobiles in the 20's

Pop Culture

in the 1920's

By: Nick Jung

New Businesses


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