Automobile Fuel Economy And The Environment

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Environmental Studies

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Automobile Fuel Economy And The Environment


What is it that we want to lower?

Automobile Fuel Economy And The Environment

Economic TermsScarcity: A lack of natural resources to fuel our cars and trucksOpportunity Cost: Deciding whether to focus on important tasks in government or save the environment for the future of the planetProduction: Producing electricity, more efficient batteries for electric cars, charging stations, and diesel enginesConsumption: Buying the new types of transportation to replace our outdated gas guzzlersInterdependence: Humans need a place to live and this planet needs more responsible humans

The German Cars And Diesel!

Strides That Have Been Taken

Incredible innovation of electric cars!

Competitiveness of companies lead to trucks becoming very efficient!

Dear Mr. President,Our environment is in trouble and fears are growing inside of many American citizens along with people around the world. We fear for the future and anything bad that happens in one country with the environment, happens to the entire earth ecosystem. The strides taken in the last couple of years to reach where we are with this situation of pollution are tremendously positive. All of this technology that has surfaced is fantastic. I don't personally believe that becoming completely electric is the right thing to do because there just isn't enough coal or wind in the world for all of that energy. I hope that you can attempt to implement lower taxes on diesel, and the purchasing of diesel cars. Also giving startups to engineering companies who work on this subject is probably a good idea. This should not be overlooked and if we can change for the better here, being America, many other countries will hopefully follow in out path. Thank You, Mr PresidentMitch Winowiecki


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