Automobile and Migration

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Automobile and Migration

The Rise of The Automobile And MigrationPatrick Heffernan

Henry Ford was the founder of the Ford Motor Company. He developed the assembly line technique of mass production. He made the first affordable manufactured automobile. His Model T automobile revolutionized transportion and history

Henry Ford: The Road to Happiness

The Great Migration showed the movement of African Americans from the South to urban centers in the northeast, midwest and west. This migration trends occured between 1910-1960. Cities like New York, Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit had the biggest increases between 1910-1930. These cities offered job opportunities. Push factors were the widespread violence aimed at African Americans and less job opportunities.

"Great Migration: The Great Exodus North" Follow-Up


Henry Ford's cars made it easier for people to commute from home to work easier. The Interstate Highway System also encoraged suburban growth.


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