Automatic Sunglasses

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Automatic Sunglasses

Automatic Sunglasses

The Basics



Chemistry Involved

Plastic Lenses


2 types-glass and plastic: Glass lenses use AgCl Plastic lenses use organic dyesTemperature dependency: Clears slower when cold Darkens slower when hot

AgCl and CuCl are mixed in glass during production. When glasses are exposed to UV, electron is transfered from Ag+ to Cl- to form clusters of silver atoms that absorb more visible light than AgCl. In the absence of UV an electron is tranfered from the Cu+ to the Cl to form Cu2+ and Cl-, then another electron is transfered from the Ag to the Cu2+ to form Cu+ and Ag+ leaving the glass with the transparent AgCl and CuCl microcrystals.

Chemistry Involved

Glass Lenses

Naphthopyran dye coated on the surface. When exposed to UV a chemical bond is broken and the molecule rearranges itself into a species that aborbs more light

Glass is more durable Plastic transitions fasterLens will not change in cars


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