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My 3rd grade year is when I started to read better and spell better. I spent more time at home reading with my grandma and practicing my spelling words.

When I walked into my first year of school, Kindergarden, I knew I was differnet. We got an assignment that was to "draw ourselves" I didn't know how to draw my hair in the back so it ended up sticking straight up in the picture. I was laughed for the rest of the year.

When I went to 1st grade, I could barely spell or read my ''sight words''. I felt very dumb beacuse everyone else in my class could read and spell them well.When we started times tables I had a very hard time with my 3's, 6's, 7's, 8's, and 9's. My fellow classmates did much better!Everyone else was learning how to write in cursive and I could only do my lower case ''l''. I was made fun of for that as well.

When I entered 6th grade I thought I knew everything and I didnt have to try in school since I got excellent grades in Elementary school. I ended up failing my 6th AND 7th grade!

2nd grade was when my teachers finally decided to get me some help with my speech. I could not pronounce the letter "R." I went to speech therapy twice a week and practiced. I got better and better and started to pronouce words clearer and better.

8th Grade..My family had a lot of problems at the end of my 7th grade year. I moved to Nevada and barley went to school. The only class I enjoyed was Home Economics. I learned how to sew, interview, and cook. I got to donate and go to the childrens hospital and visit the pre-me babies.

My 4th and 5th grade year I had the same teacher. She was AMAZING! She helped me everyday to catch up to where all of the other were and helped me learn HOW to learn!

In Highschool, I got to move back to my mountain town. I tried really hard in school and had some amazing teachers who helped me SO much over those years.

Emiley Yaugher

College-My 1st year was great..academically. I lived on campus and I was very strict on myself with my school work.My second year was much harder. I lived back home and had to commute 2 hours everyday for school and I worked every weekend. I stopped caring about school and got worse grades.

This year, I moved to fresno, got a planner, and set a goal for myself. I will spend more time on school and get my grade point average back! I love school. I want to be a teacher and make my students love school too!

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