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Louie Zamperini"The Torrance tornadoes"

Man down

"Louie ran out into a crashing ,tumbling world."(page279)-Riley It shows that Louie ran outside into total chaos, or world destruction. This quote portrays Louie's trait of curiosity.

"Louie threw himself over the line.He made up fifty yards in His last lap and beaten his personal best time by more than Eighty seconds."(page 36)-CalebIt was a large milestone in his Olympic career as well as his life.Even though he was in pain he pushed himself and that shows perseverance.

Thursday may 17, 1943 Long after sunrise Green hornet had volunteered for rescue searchGreen hornet was ready for takeoffSuddenly there was a shudderEngine No.1 was downBOOM engine No.2 was down Phil tried to save the plane but...Green Hornet was doomedPrepare for crash Phil saidOnly the laundry knew how scared I was

"The fish were putrid and undulating with maggots......That night the same fish was ladled into Louie's bowl.louie wouldn't eat it."This quote shows that even in times where discipline is key to stay alive Louis is still willing to resistThis quote portrays that Louie is rebellious



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