Autobi-glog-raphy Assignment

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Autobi-glog-raphy Assignment

Your Name

On paper, sketch a layout for your glog. Compile a list of all the images you would like to use. Put all the images in a special folder on your computer so you can find them easily. Write out your personal testimony and decide what Scripture verse(s) you will use. If you want to view my sample autobi-glog-raphy, click on the daisies at the bottom of this page.

STEP #1:Planning

STEP #2:Creating

You may use this glog as a template, or you may create one from scratch.Select the page wall and glog wall you want to use.Upload all the images you want to use., then import them into your glog. Create and/or upload the audio and/or video you want to use.Type in your testimony and any picture captions you want to use.

Decide on a color scheme for your glog. If you use graphics from Glogster, you can alter the color of them so that all the elements on your glog complement the other elements.Arrange your elements in a logical fashion and make sure everything is readable.Use the preview function to see what your glog will look like in real life. Is it confusing to view? Is it too cluttered? How easy are your fonts to read (color, size)? Did you add so many animations that someone viewing your glog gets motion sickness?!Your final project should be attractive and professional appearing.

STEP #3:Designing

STEP #4:Proofing

Proofread your glog carefully. Look for misspellings, punctuation errors, and other mistakes. When your project is error-free, use your rubric to grade yourself.Save your glog as Finished Private, and turn in your graded rubric to your teacher.

Miss Buiter'sAuto-bi-glog-raphy

Miss Tipton'sAuto-bi-glog-raphy



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