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Signs and Symptoms>no babbling or pointing by 1>no single words by 16 months>no reponse to name>loss of language or social skills>poor eye contact>excessive lining up of toys>no smiling or social engagement

Facts1 in 88 children diagnosed with autsim each year-ASD is reported to occur in all racial, ethnic, and socioecomic groups-ASD is 5 times more common among boys


Autism and the brain

Autism Spectrum Disorder?Autistic disorderAsperger's disorderperrvasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified Rett's disorderChildhood disintegrative disorder(

Treatmentsproviding a safe environmentdue to impulsive behaviors, disorganized motor skills, pica, altered sensitivity to pain>family, emotional, finacial support>medications for symptoms and behaviors associated with ASD>applied behavior analysis, TEACCH, and sensory integration(Quirantes, D. (2009). Collaborative approach to autism: A parent’s perspective. Journal for Specialist in Pediatric Nursing.14(3), 203-205.)


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    I really like learning about the brain and how it works. So adding the picture of the brain and how it is involved was very interesting to me. The videos were great! They gave just enough information on what to be aware of when Autism is involved.