Autism Awareness pt. 4

by DrStyles
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Autism Awareness pt. 4

Autism Awareness

Part 3

Autism Diagnosis Acceptance: 1. Denial - "This can't be happening to me." 2. Pain and Guilt - "What did I do wrong?" 3. Anger - "Why didn't they catch this earlier and do something about it?" 4. Depression and Sadness - "What's the point of any sort of therapy or help... nothing is going to work."

Autism Diagnosis Acceptance (cont.): 5. The Upward Turn - "Maybe the doctors can help even if they can't cure it." 6. Working Through - "I need to start contacting doctors to discuss treatments." 7. Acceptance - "I will never be happy that my son has autism, but I accept it."

For more information concering Autism Spectrum Disorder, please consult the related links and videos.Thank you for reading this Glog and letting me inform you about Autism Spectrum Disorder.Have a great day!

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National Autism Association

The Autism Program

Autism Society of America

Autism Speaks

Autism Society of NC

The IEP Team

Pediatric Neurology Site

Working with Autistic Kids

Inclusive Communities


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