Autism Awareness pt. 3

by DrStyles
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Autism Awareness pt. 3

Autism Awareness

Divorce Rate and Autism: It has been said that a family with an autistic child have an 80 percent chance for divorce, but recent studies are saying this is false. Scientists are not sure where the 80 percent divorce rate came from and are saying it is a myth. Recent research shows that 64 percent of children with ASD live with both biological

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Things we take for granted: A crowd, bright lights, noise, not having to stay on a constant schedule, going to the movies, going out to eat, a trip to the store, clothes and going outside. All of these things are a challenge for parents with a child with ASD. A child with ASD can find all of these things uncomfortable, even painful to tolerate.

Tips for Parents and Teachers (cont.): 4. What important skills is my child lacking? 5. How does my child learn best (seeing, listening or doing)? 6. What does my child enjoy and how can those activities be used in treatment? 7. How will progress be measured? 8. A team is needed to help a child with ASD.

Divorce Rate and Autism (cont.): parents or adoptive parents compared to 65 percent of children who do not have ASD. This research can help reduce the stress of families with an autistic child and add reassurance that marriages are not doomed with a diagnoses of autism.

Tips for Parents and Teachers: When making a treatment plan for a child with autism ask yourself some basic questions. 1. What are my child's strengths? 2. What are my child's weaknesses? 3. What behaviors are causing the most problems?



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