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Resources-Chandra Skills Trainingchapter 2 by Brenda Smith Myles

Asperger Syndrome Asperger Syndrome is a type of high-functioning autism. Kids with Asperger Syndrome have a difficult time understanding the thoughts and feelings of others. People with Asperger Syndrome have a difficult time coming up with multiple sulotions to one problem. Another effect of Asperger Syndrome is stress. They face this all the time because they have Asperger Syndrome. Finally, kids with Asperger Syndrome face hard social chalenges.


What it is

1) Autism is a development disorder2) It is typically visable in the first 3 years of a childs life, however, Asperger's may not be diagnosed until early adolescence.3) Autism is in the brain. It hapens when there is abnormal biology and chemistry in the brain

By: Thomas Harmond

1) Diets2) Digestive tract changes3) Mercury poisoning4) inability to properly absorb vitamins and minerals5) Vaccine sensitivity6) Chromosomes abnormalties

Possible Causes

Facts-In the Us, 1 in every 88 people have autism-It is hard for people to overcome-It makes their's and their family's life more difficult



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