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Night of the living dummy summaryLindy found a dummy in a dumpster named slappy she began to practice her ventriloquist act in front of her parents but her twin sister Kris became jealous of lindy so she begged her dad for a dummy just like lindy she got one named Mr. Wood then strange things started happening like footsteps, messes, and other strange things could it be Mr. Wood .No its not Mr. Wood Lindy admitted she started all the messes and footsteps. But one day Kris found a paper in Mr. Wood’s pocket that said these words "Karru marri odanna loma molonu karrono'' then she thought that Mr. Wood blinked then the next day she started hearing footsteps and Mr. Woods laughter only until she saw Mr. Wood move and talk she thought that lindy was doing the prank again then lindy saw Mr. Wood move that’s when they went to their parents but there parents thought they were crazy then one day there parents left them alone with Mr. Wood he does horrible things to them such as harassing them and even strangling their dog. But is slappy alive he might be was he the one who possessed Mr. Wood.

Who am IIm from the book night of the living dummy.My Dummy's name is Mr.Wood I have a twin sister I'm very jealous of her and she made me think Mr.Wood was bad.I thought Slappy was a bad idea.I was the one who ruined the school talent show.My best friend is cody. Who am I... I am Kris

Say cheese and die summeryso Michael, Greg, Doug and Shari live in a small town named pits landing sounds pretty lame doesn’t it yeah I know there town slogan is also lame it is "Pits Landing is the pits'' but pits landing was like other small towns it has quiet streets with old houses except the only thing that is different is that there was a 3 story tall house with broken windows uncut grass and weather stained shingles so the kids thought hey lets go explore but what they didn’t know was that it used to be owned by a crazy scientist so they saw many strange inventions one invention stood out to them a cool looking camera but when they grabbed it the kids thought they heard someone walking towards them so they ran out but Greg was still holding on to the camera so then Shari said hey Greg take a picture of me standing next to this tree so he did but when the picture printed out the tree showed up but Shari didn’t she said wow Greg you’re a lousy photographer but it was the tree she was standing next to, so they thought it just ran out of ink so then Greg said lets go to my house so they did but Greg’s dad bought a blue station wagon so he took a picture of it but when it printed the front end was all smashed that’s strange he thought. Later that day when all his friends left around 8 o’clock they went for a drive in there new car but they were on the freeway when bang they got hit by another car and smashed there front end when the tow truck came and brought them home then they got a call from Shari mom asking if she was with them they said no she said that she’s been gone for hours call Doug ok. So Greg called Doug and asked if Shari was with him he said no then I told him that I just got in a car accident he said that sucks then at the same time Greg and Doug said Wait the camera it took a picture of Shari and she didn’t show up and the car the front end was smashed like the picture. But you don’t think the camera Greg said yes it was the camera. We have to destroy the camera so they destroyed the camera but does Shari come back and does the car get fixed.

Character Analysis Kris is a girl that is part of this novel “Goosebumps NIGHT OF THE LIVING DUMMY”. she shows many interesting qualities such as Original, she also shows she can be very jealous like how she jealous of her sister and some people would even refer her to a green eyed monster, also she can be very creative like in how to defeat the dummy Mr. Wood, also how she is always determined like how she will always try and be better than her twin sister Lindy I will show you how Kris is these 4 qualities. Kris is Original because in her ventriloquist act she only uses her own jokes not any jokes that have already used. Like hers one “Kris was practicing and she tells Mr. Wood that he doesn’t have a good sense of humor then he says I have to because I put up with you” that’s one quality that Kris has.Another quality Kris has is she is very jealous of her twin sister Lindy because Lindy got a Dummy named Slappy and she was becoming very popular and she begged her parents for a dummy eventually she got one. Also her role in the text is the smaller more jealous twin sister. That’s another quality Kris has.Kris is also very creative like in the book she found many different ways to kill Mr. Wood like she tried to cut his head off with scissors then it didn’t work so then she tried to saw off his head with the scissors then tried to bury him then she threw him under a steam roller but all very creative ideas also she is very creative at school she finds strange ways to find the answer. Kris is also very determined in how she always tries to be better than Lindy at being a ventriloquist being more popular

Letter to authorHi Mr. Stine I would love to talk about you and your books (“Say cheese and die” and “Night of the living dummy”). First off you’re one of the people I look up to, you’re very smart and you’re successful. You have an amazing sense of humor I can tell by the way you write you’re book. The book “Say cheese and die” is funny, but it has a dark plot twist, what inspired you to write that book? Also what was your favorite book to write? I love how you can feel like you’re in the book with them like for example in “Night of the living dummy” you said that Mr. Wood had dirt smudges on his face and that character was so well described I felt like I could see him in my head. Also how is it to have your book that was published into a television show?Also I love how you can make a book that’s funny and has horror in it and drama it’s like a sub-genre to the sub-genre.Mr. Stine you have taught me a lot I very much appreciate that you have inspired me to try harder you proved that you can do anything. Sincerely, your's truly Justin

Author study

INTERVIEWHow was it to destroy your own Dummy?I always wanted to know how it is to live with an annoying sister it must suck always competing with each other.Were you scared when Mr. Wood moved how you felt?Did you really think that Mr. Wood caused all the havoc around your house?How did you feel when Lindy was getting more attention then you?Answer to question 1, I felt horrible because I was just getting good with him. But at the same time I was happy because he caused me so much trouble with everything he did.Question 2 it sucks living with my twin sister she always steals all my attention and friends she’s way more popular.Question 3 I was very scared when Mr. Wood moved I felt like he was going to hurt me and he was always threating me Lindy and the dog so yes I was scared.Question4 Yes I did thank god it was really lindy I was very thankful it wasn’t Mr. Wood would’ve sucked because I won’t have someone to blame for all the mess.Question 5 I felt really jealous because she stole my friends with that dumb dummy no pun intended. Also it made me feel bad that she’s always got more then me but then she had a lot more then me.

inteview with rl stine


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