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Author Study

1. Love You Forever-Robert Munsch This is about a song that a mother sings to her son as he goes through the cycle of life and transitioning into adulthood. As time goes on she grows old and the son sings the lullaby to her as she passes away. The son goes home and sings the lullaby to his daughter and the cycle continues. Target audience would be adults and kids. Genre is fiction or non-fiction.

1. Love you forever is a book that will make you cry. It takes a long time to make a book. He’s a slow writer and a slow teller Robert Munsch experienced alcholism and depression before getting help.

1. His full name is Robert Norman Peter Maria Munsch.2. As a child, he had an imaginary friend named Bobby Smith who was very naughty.3. Munsch and his wife went to Canada from the United States to find work after getting laid off. 4. Love You Forever was originally a song Munsch wrote to himself, to help him deal with the grief he and his wife were going through after two stillbirths.5. Munsch loves cosmology. He's been known to drag his telescope out onto the street in front of his house to stargaze.


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2. Mmmm Cookies- Robert Munsch The boy tricks his parents and they eat a cookie made of clay. His parents call his teacher who then she makes one for the boy so he can get a taste of his own medicine. Target audience would be children ages 3-6years. Genre would be fiction or non fiction.

3. From Far Away-Robert MunschThis book was based on a true story about a family who experienced life during a war in another country. They moved and the little girl cannot speak English. She has to learn to adapt to the new culture in the new world. Target audience here would be adults and kids. Genre is non fiction.

4. Angela’s Airplane-Robert Munsch Angela goes on an airplane to look for her lost father. She finds herself in the plane and actually piloting it. They manage to land safely and when Angela grows up she ends up being a pilot. This book is targeted for juveniles. Genre would be fiction.

5. Pigs-Robert MunschMegan is told to feed the pigs but not to open the gate. She doesn’t listen and opens it, the pigs take off and do lots of things including following Megan to school. Target audience is juveniles. Genre is fiction.


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