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Author Study

Jeanne DuPrau

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The City of EmberThe Prophet of Yonwood

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Interesting FactsThe City of Ember has won multipleawards including Florida's reader's choice award, American Library Association NotableBook, and Kirkus 2003 Editor's Choice.The idea for The City of Ember was influenced by Jeanne growing up in the 50s during the nuclear war era.She lives in California.She enjoys gardening.She has a puppy named JockeyShe loves reading!!!

Science Fiction Author

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The People of SparksThe Diamond of Darkwood

Graphic novels more your thing? There's one of The City of Ember!!!

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“What could be more interesting than thinking of mysterious happenings, finding the answers to intriguing questions, and making up new worlds?”

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Piece together a damaged document like Lina and Doon! Click the light bulb!

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