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Author Study

Kevin Henkes!

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Kevin Henkes Fun Facts:1. Henkes only thought of himself as an artist until high school when he started writing his first book All Alone.2. Henkes did not start doing his illustrations with mice; in fact he started out drawing people with his first book All Alone. Only after his first few books did he then start playing around with drawing cats, bears, and rabbits before he ever found his love for drawing mice.3. All Alone was written while he was still in high school and was published during his first year of college.4. Henkes has now published over 30 books!5. Kevin Henkes has won the 2004 Newbery Honor, 1994 Caldecott honor and the 2005 Caldecott Medal.6. Henkes writes the full text first for his books before drawing any illustrations.



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