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Author study-Sharon Creech

Sharon CreechSharon Creech was born in Euclid, Ohio. She grew up with her parents, sister,and three brothers. When she was twelve years old she took a trip to Idaho. Thirty years later she recreated that trip in her book Walk Two Moons .

Sharon Creech

A place she often visited was Quincy, Kentucky, where her cousins live. She loved Quincy so much that it has found its way into many of her books Just changed to Bybanks, Kentucky. This appears in the books Walk Two Moons, Chasing Redbird, and Bloomability.

Sharon Creech lives in New Jersey. She is married to Lyle Rigg. She has two grown children. When she was young she wanted to be a Ice skater,a Painter, a singer, a teacher,and a Reporter. She found out she could not really draw. She could not stand falling on ice. When singing she could not stay on key. Being a Reporter would not work because if she did not like the facts she would change them. She went to college and found out she liked telling stories. She taught English in England and Switzerland. She just started writing books.

Hate That Cat Where:Room 204 miss Stretchberry's class.When:It takes place during the school year.

The WandererWhere: On the sea, England, and Virgina.When:Close to the end of the school year. It takes place in the past and present.

Bloomibility Where: Switzerland and all around the USA.When: It takes place in the past and present.

Characters:Sophie, Mo,Stew,Dock, Cody, Brian, Bompie,Sophie's mom and dad, Rosalie, Cody's mom, Brian's mom. At first Bompie, Rosalie, and Sophie's mom and dad were minor charaters but later they changed to major characters. Brian's mom and Cody's mom are minor characters.

The problem is that Brian and Cody keep asking Sophie about her past because she is adopted. Events: The crew keep having problems with the ship. Brian is being a jerk to Sophie and Cody. A giant wave comes and hits the ship which hurts every body and makes things worse.Outcome: They finally arrive in england. Bompie is there. Rosalie leaves uncle dock. Everyone finds out sophies past. Connections: When Sophie called herself and the others on the ship voyagers.That reminded me of when I went on a cruise ship my age group was called voyagers.

Characters:Jack,Skitter mckitter,mom,dad,Miss Stretchberry,Fat black cat,the kids in room204. Problem:Jack did not like cats,because of the Mean Fat Black cat.

Events:Mean Fat Black cat hurt jack.Jacks parents get him a cat. The cat runs away.Outcome:Mean fat Black cat fines Jacks cat. Jack likes the Fat Black cat. He loves his cat and is happy

Characters:Dinnie, Guthrie,Belen,Mari,Lila, Aunt Sandy,uncle max, keisuke,Dinnie's mom&dad, Mr.Banner,Mr.Kucoo, Mrs.Sterling,Aunt Tillie , Aunt Grace,Lila's mom, Guthries dad,Crick,Stella, baby,Stella's husband.

Problem: Dinnie's family moved a lot. So her grandma told her mom to send her to her Aunties and uncle. She was sent to Switzerland. Events:Dinnie moved from place to place untill one day she was sent away.Dinnie moved to Switzerland with her auntie and uncle. She ment a boy named Guthrie and a girl named Lila. Dinnie wanted to go home really bad.Her school went skiing and a avalanch went over Guthrie and Lila.Outcome:Dinnie found out her home was Bybanks, Kentucky. She Loved Switzerland.



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