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Author Study Mo Willems

Don't Let the Pigeon Stay up late

Author: Mo Willems

Author Study

Name: .Alexandra Camileri Date: 6-15-14

Pigeon Needs a bath

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Reflection on the Process:

In these books I made many personal connections and overall loved these pieces of literature very much. In " Don't let he Pigeon Stay up late", I can remember many times when I would cry and beg for my parents to let me stay up late. In Knuffle bunny, there was many times when I lost my favorite blanky and would cry for hours until it was found, many times I left it at hotels and was such a hassle to get back. I applaud the themes used, such as persistance and manipulation because the pigeon really does try hard to do some convincing. In " We are in a book", the emotion of sadness, happiness ovewhelms the book, making the reader really feel exactly how the characters are feeling.

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Quick Facts about MO:- Best known for Knuffle Bunny, The Pigeon, and Elephant and Piggie.- Born in New Orleans - Started his Career as a writer for Sesame Street

Knuffle Bunny

We are in a book

This is about to friends, a pig and a elephant, who realize they are in a book. They finally figure out they are the ones being read the whole time. The characters get to create their own stories because they are the main stars of the book.

This book is about a pigeon who just does not want to go to bed. Even though he yaws and yaws, he does everything in his power to persuade the reader not to make him go to bed. He begs for “ one more movie, five more minutes...”.

This book was about a toddler who was with her dad and drops her favorite stuffed bunny She is not able to talk so she babbles and cries but her dad just thinks she is cranky. She finally gets home her mom asks “ where knuffle bunny?’’ The family then goes on a chase to find this bunny.

This book was about a pigeon who did not want to take a bath. He tries to the reader that he is not dirty, even though the pictures show him with flies surrounding his body. The text shows his anger and frustration when he is told to get in the bath.

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As I am evaluating the author, I have deemed all of the books I read appropriate for classroom material. In the book " We are in a book", the author uses short words, that express detail but are great for practicing great literacy skills for kids just learning to read. The books "Dont let the pigeon stay up late" and " The Pigeon needs a bath", uses themes such as persistance and persuasion, by the pigeon always persuading the reader. The charcters are perfect for younger kids and older kids. The illustrations are amazing and the drawings on each page really portray how the characters feel in the book. The authors wrtiting style is very humorous, which makes for a great read aloud book. Most of the books are comedy filled which would keep the reader more engaged and entertained.

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