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Callie seems to have given up on life already at 15 years old, seeking solace through the pain she inflicts upon herself with cutting. It isn’t until she has a cut that goes wrong that finally scares the life back into her. You will experience Callie’s downfalls and celebrate her triumphs during her rehabilitation at Sea Pines (A.K.A. Sick Minds by the residents).

In a small village in Nepal you will meet 13-year old Lakshmi who enjoys simple pleasures although her family is desperately poor. As fate would have it, a terrible monsoon washes away the family’s crops which causes her lazy step-father to sell Lakshmi into prostitution. The story written in vignettes makes the reader wonder if Lakshmi will ever escape the nightmare she endures each day at the “Happiness House.”

Good Morning America feature on Human Trafficking and interview with Patty McCormick

13-year old Toby Malone’s world is turned upside down when his father recently abandons their family with no explanations. Toby’s isolation, desperation, and sadness magnifies as he feels the need to cover up the drug abuse of his older brother Jake. Life has to get better if Toby pretends problems don’t exist or does it just make things worse?

“I feel that if I’m going to spend two years of my life on a book, it should shed light on something significant, something substantial, something that illuminates an experience that most of us haven’t had.”What would you do if your mother locked you out of the house when you were 5 years old? Patricia McCormick found a crawl space above the family garage and stocked it with paper, pencils, a thesaurus, and candles. Little did she know that seeking refuge in her "wilderness writing space" where she crafted story after story would actually set the stage for her professional future.Patty still doesn't understand why she was locked out of her own house or the intense anger issues that arose in her strict Catholic household. She did know that eventually she wanted to escape her home and eventually her hometown.P.S. Patricia actually prefers to be called Patty and grew up in our local Central PA area (Camp Hill) where she attended Trinity High School. After school she moved to NYC where she still resides.

Jennifer KoishalPatricia McCormick GlogMLIS 2323, February, 2018

Patricia McCormick



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