Auteur Theory

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Auteur Theory

Floria Sigismondi was born in Canada in 1965 and is an Italian-Canadian director and photographer. In 1987 she studied painting and illustration at the Ontario College of Art, she then took a course in photography and graduated with a photography major.She has won the MVPA award twice for director of the year in2006 and 2013. The 2013 award was forJustin Timberlakes 'Mirros', which won video of the year at the MTV music awards. .Sigismondi is represented by the production company Black Dog/RSA Films and by Believe Media for Commercials. When she took a photography course, she became obsessed once more, and graduated with a photography major.Recently, she wrote and directed 'The Runaways' with Kirsten Stewart and Dakota Fanning. One auteur theory of hers is jittery, and dilating camerawork which is seen in Marilyn Mansons 'Beautiful People'.These effects have been replicated by many other directors since.

David Bowie 'The Next Day': 0:08, 0:24, 0:40. The music video stars Gary Oldman and other famous people.

Lawrence Rothman 'Montauk Fling':2:18, 1:28, 3:04, 3:03, 0:18)

Retro props, characters covered in mesh or lace, big candy floss looking and coloured hair and vibrant, eye popping colours for make up are also what Sigismondi uses in the majority of her video's. Seen in Lawrence Rothmans 'MontaukFling', Pinks 'Try' and David Bowies 'The Next Day' .


Another one of Sigismondi's Auteur theory's would be that her narrative is usually set in the 50's/60's. This is seen in Justin Timberlakes 'Mirrors' (0:11 and 0:52)



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