Australopithecus aferensis

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Australopithecus aferensis

Lucy was living with a group in Africa. She was the leader of them. For the clan Lucy was there king because she had the capability to walk on two feet. Living things that can walk on two feet are called biped. Later the other people started to get the capability of walking. This gave them an advantage because they had two hands to grab, defend and climb tree's. For them this was a superpower. The brain lucy had was one third of our brain.

Australopithecusaferensis is the earliest hominids ever found. An anthropologist was searching in Africa and found the skull of a hominid and called it lucy. Australopithecus is a latin name for "southern ape". Aferensis refers to the Afar Triangle. That is the place she was found.

Austalopithecus lived together in small groups. They normaly had a few woman and kids and lots of men. Each group had a leader, most of the time it was a man but somethimes a woman. They always lived close to a source of water to drink. They used to live in a jungle close to a water fall or pond. In the jungle there where trees to protect them. Later the Australopithecus started to move to the grass lands where lakes and ponds where. There where not many trees to protect them from preditors. Later the Australopithecus developed the power to defend themselves by throwing stones at the preditor.

4 million years ago




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