Australian Television in the 1960's

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Australian Television in the 1960's

Project description1960’s begins with Graham Kennedy as the host of In Melbourne Tonight which runs for the decade and he receives one of several gold Logies that year (, 2015). Local content that year is standardised, 40% local content is required overall (Herd, 2005) Other major changes which happened in this decade were the formation of Channel 9 by Frank Packer which included GTV9 Melbourne, QTQ9 Brisbane and NWS9 Adelaide joining TCN9 Sydney. Only the Melbourne and Sydney stations were owned and operated by Packer( 2010). Channel 0-10 TV network begins in 1964. When Reg Ansett was awarded a tv licence in 1963 it was a new low frequency and most of the older sets did not have an ‘0’ position. The low frequency had challenges with reception and battling the competition was difficult. In 1969 Ansett underwrote a boxing match between Australian title holder Lionel Rose and British champion Alan Rudkin. The match scored 72% of viewers, a rating which would not be broken until the Sydney Olympics more than thirty years later ( 2010). Local television shows include: Mr Squiggle and Friends, Four Corners, Homicide, The Mavis Brampton Show, Skippy, Playschool, Division 4, Pick a Box, Six O’clock Rock, Kommotion, Sing, Sing, Sing, The Lorrae Desmond Show, This Day Tonight, Club Seventeen, Bellbird, Here’s Humphrey and The Go!! Show.Ninety five per cent of households in Sydney and Melbourne owned a TV set by 1966 (Herd, 2005).

1960's Australia


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