Australian Sprituality

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Australian Sprituality

Today, many Australians do not practice traditional prayer, but instead, 30% of Australians regularly express their spirituality through methods such as meditation and personal reflection, often connected to world religions.

Although a country of countless ethnicities and beliefs, the most commonly practiced Religion in Australia is Christianity and its subsidiaries, and as such much of our country's morality and spiritual guidelines are governed by Christian Values.

Religion and Spirituality* Religious Australians are predominantly Christian, with and only 5% practicing other religions*70% of Australians have been in contact with a Christian church in the past year, and 40% believe in conventional Christain ideals (eg. Life after Death)

Australian Spiritualityby Ridge Sheehy

With the increasing presence of technology in the lives of Australians, Religious and Spiritual leaders are finding new ways to communicate the importance of expressing one's spirituality.

The concept of "The Dreaming" encapsulates many of the spiritual practices and beliefs of the Australian Aborigine people, and has generated a rich culture of spiritual expression through storytelling.

Saint Mary McKillop, Icon for Australian Spirituality and Catholicism


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