Australian Sports

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Australian Sports

On the Coast Sports:-Swimming-Surfing-surfboat racing-sailing-fishing

Other land sports played in Australia:-Cricket-Soccer-Hockey-Tennis-Rugby-Hiking-Cycling-Horseback riding-Badminton

What is netball? Check it out!

The national sport of Australia is Australian Rules Football. The game was invented 150 years ago and is a little bit like soccer and rugby. It is played on a large oval-shaped field. Players kick and pass the ball and try to get a goal. This game is also sometimes called "Footie"

Check out this video of "Footie" or "Australian Rules Football"

Australian Sports

Australian Rules Football

Check out this gnarly video of dudes surfing in Australia!

One of the most popular styles of swimming, the crawl stroke, was invented in Australia. It was invented in Australia about 100 years ago. It was named the crawl because people said it looked like you were crawling in the water.


Did you know the boomerang was invented in Australia?


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