Australian New South Wales

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Australian New South Wales

Fast Facts - ...The Opera House holds 3000 events per year. - ... Sydney is the capital city of NSW

AustraliaNew South Wales

This is the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge

A famous built site.

Luna Park is in Sydney and is a great theme park with lots of rides.

Put a map of the region here!

This is the local map!

Here is a veiw of the city landscape.

"Must See" places-Bondi Beach-The three sisters-Sydney Opera House-The Sydney Harbour Bridge

these are great veiws!

In 1788, the first fleet arrived in nsw at Botany Bay and brought convicts to live in Australia because the dungions were too crowded back in Great Britan

Jenolan caves is a great natural place to visit as it is a big cave you can go inside.


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