[2014] Cristina Valentini (Mr. Ayoade's Grade 6): Australian koala

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[2014] Cristina Valentini (Mr. Ayoade's Grade 6): Australian koala

Kingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: ChordataInfraclass:MarsupialiaClass: MammaliaOrder:DiprotodontiaFamily: PhasscolarctidaeGenus: PhascolarctosSpecies: Phascolarctos cinereus

There were 80% of koala habits.Now it has been decimared by 20%. By streets, construction, dogs attacks and swimming pools. These are all for humans.

Australian KoalaScientific Name:Phasclaocto Cinereur

Cool fact:They are not bears. They are marsupials.

There are 2 important things for the Australian Koala habit. One it needs eucalypts trees and other Koala's.

Australian Koala's are on the top of the food chain.Only large birds and owls sometimes prey for they babies. Koala's are harmless to other animals and humans. Eco system would be affected a little by koala's disappear (more eualuptus trees.)

Now there are 2,000 to 8,000 koalas in the wild. Our population of Ausralian koala's has dropped by 90%.


  • aryanamonsef 6 years ago

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    Good afternoon Cristina,
    What I liked about your glog was how you described what was happening in the video. I also liked how you gave accurate percents about the koalas. You cold have improved in your eye contact.