Australian Foods

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Australian Foods

"Lets cook on the barbie" The Australians did not invent the barbie (BBQ) but it is the most popular way of cooking in Australia.

Food in Australia, reflects it's cultural diversity. Immigrants bring their traditional cooking methods to Australia. Australian dishes vary widely

Meat PieA very popular food eaten in Australia is meat pie. It is a small pastry filled with meat and gravy. Australians like to put ketchup which they call "tomatoe sauce" on their meat pies.


Some Australians eat grass, roots, snakes, kangaroos, emus, lizards and birds raw!

One of the most unusual foods to come from Australia is Vegemite. It is a gooey, very salty paste made from yeast. Australians spread vegemite on their breads, sandwiches and crackers.

A popular bread invented in the outback is a type of bread called damper. This is a simple bread made from a dough or flour and water. Australians who camped in the outback baked damper by putting the dough in a cast iron pot and burying it under the coals of their campfire.

LamingtonsAustralian children love to eat lamingtons. They are small sponge cakes covered in chocolate and shredded coconut.


Pavola A favorite dessert in Australia. It is a fluffy and sweet meringue topped with fruit

INSECTSAboriginal food that Australians eat include witchetty grubs (which are very rich in protein) and Bogong moths (these are roasted in a fire and eaten like a peanut) and honey ants! YUMMM




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