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 australian films 1960's

In 1961-62 whilst funding was in short supply for feature films there was a myriad of short films made sponsored by corporate and government sources, a total of 610, whilst in the years 1960-66 only seven feature films were made (Australian Screen, 2015).‘In 1968 at the AFI awards Prime Minister John Gorton announced a major funding boom for the Australian film industry The Government would establish the Australian Film Development Corporation with an initial grant of $100,000 to set up the Experimental Film Fund(Australian Screen, 2015).Some feature films which were made include: The Sundowners (1960), Ninety Nine Percent (1963) They’re a Weird Mob (1966), Clay (1965), Journey out of darkness (1967), 2000 Weeks (1969), The Set (1969) and You can’t see around corners (1969), (Australian Screen, 2015).



("Sundowners (1960) Movie," 2014)

("Sundowners (1960) Movie," 2014)

("They're a weird mob poster")

("Journey Out of Darkness - Review - Photos - Ozmovies")

("YOU CAN'T SEE ROUND CORNERS 1969 Ken Shorter ORIGINAL Lobby Card 6 B" )


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