Australian Fashion in the 1960's

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Australian Fashion in the 1960's

Norma Tullo Design

Fashion designers to lead the scene in the 60’s in Australia included Prue Acton, The House of Merivale, Norma Tullo and Trent Nathan. Suddenly young women had income of their own and didn’t want to look like their mothers. Off the rack rather than made to order became more popular. Fashion was a way for the youth to make their mark. Prue Acton refers to this and the reaction to the 1965 furore of Shrimpton caused wearing a mini. "She challenged the matrons of Melbourne," said Acton. "All the kids who I was supplying said, 'That's what I want to look like'. And overnight we were cutting the skirts. We were cutting two inches off, and the next week, another two. By Christmas we were up to something quite disgusting’ (ABC, 2004).

House of Merivale

Prue Acton

Australiain the 1960's


Jean ShrimptonModel

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