Australian convicts

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Australian convicts

Edward Kelly, Also known as Ned Kelly is a well known outlaw. But is he really an outlaw?. Most people know little about him or know that he was an outlaw who got hanged. There is also a big dabate to wether he was an outlaw or a hero. in my opnion, he was just a normal guy. yes he might of killed a few people, but it was self defence. He would of died if he didnt kill them, and the police also kill people in self defence and their not known as an outlaw. There have been may media stories but were they rumours or facts? This people arent sure but everyone isnt perfect, people all make sins its a natrual thing. he wasnt a hero nor was he a villian he was a normal human being who made sins.

Quotes~Ned Kelly

Billy Blue

Billy Blue was an African decent. He he had a colourful personality.He could of been referred to as Australia's first celebrity.To see a black convict walking about Sydney in such a wonderful matter encourage Sydney's cultural elite to laugh at their own pompous legacy, many streets, landmarks, hotels and businesses in North Sydney have been named in his honour.

~Such is life. ~I do not wish to give the order full force without giving timely warning, but i am a widow's son outlawed and must be obeyed.




Ned Kelly


Poor Ned

1855 - Ned, born1865 - Green sash1868- 1st crime1878 - called an 'outlaw' 1880 - Last stand 1880- Died R.I.P


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