Australian Antechinus

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Australian Antechinus

The Antechinus is nocturnal and mainly lives in trees. It has a body length of 9.5 to 11 cm and has a tail length of between 10 to 12 cm. It is brown in colour along its sides and back with a cream to white underbelly. The ears are small and rounded, set high upon the head and the eyes are small, black orbs located midway between the nose and ears. The Antechinus has five toes on each of its four feet and is an excellent climber.


Food facts.The Antechinus is a carnivore which is an animal that eats meat. It eats earthworms,grub, cockroaches,beetles,spiders and grasshoppers.


Where they live.In our area, the Northern Rivers, the brown Antechinus is found in forested areas like the Nightcap Range.

How they breed.They are a semelparous marsupial which means they only breed once in a life time. The male dies after the first breeding season. They have about 8-10 babies. After they are born the are carried around in an open pouch.


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