Australian Aboriginies

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Australian Aboriginies

Audio clip of the didgeridoo

Austrailian Aboriginies

Artwork: * Beadwork *Rock painting *Sculpture *Baskets *Bark painting *Body art

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Walkabout A rite of passage for 12-13 year old boys. The Aboriginies send their boys into the wild to survive for 6 months. It's a time of reflection and marks the passage into manhood. In this practice, these adolescents trace the paths, or "songlines," of their anscestors and imitate their heroic deeds.

Facts About The Aboriginal Culture * Australia's indiginous people * Oral tradition of storytelling * Creation story called Dreamtime * Use the didgeridoo for music * Have symbiotic relationship with the land * Only about 400,000 aboriginies remain

Below is a video of an Aboriginal fire dance


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