Australian Aborigines

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Australian Aborigines

One day, Japara, an excellent hunter, was out hunting for food when a lazy man named Parukapoli came to visit Japara's wife and tell her stories. She became so distracted that she did not realize her son had crawled out into a nearby stream. He drowned before she was able to rescue him. Both Japara and his wife were deeply saddened by the lost of their baby, however Japara was so overwhelmed with grief that he killed his wife out of anger due to her accident. He also eventually killed Parukapoli after a gruesom fight that left him wounded. The other members of the tribe made him realize that even though he was hurt, what he did was wrong. Japara was deeply sorry for his actions but spirits had already taken his wife and son to a better place in the sky world. The spirits knew he was truly sorry but as punishment, Japara was to leave the Earth world and roam the sky world alone in search of his family.

How the Moon Came to Be

From this story of Japara's great sadness, we learn that even though we may experience times of immense grief, we should always think before we act. Our feelings can often greatly influence our actions and cause us to make rash decisions that we will not be able to undo and will eventually regret in the future. Japara murdered his wife out of rage but completely regretted his action. This story also teaches us about forgiveness and understanding. People make mistakes and no matter how horrible it may be, we should always learn to eventually forgive them just as the spirits forgave Japara and gave him a chance to find his beloved wife and son.

This story affects the life of an Aboriginal person/clan in that it teaches about forgiveness and being aware of one's actions. It also explained to the people on how the moon came to be. They believed that the moon was a reflection of Japara's campfire as he travelled the sky and that the lines on the moon represented his wounds. Other people, however, believe that Japara has found his family and they are now exploring the sky together.

I chose this story because I think that the lessons it teaches are very important and useful in life. I also found the story enjoyable and could be easily related to real life situations. For example, many people may have experienced the grief, sorrow, pain, anger, and regret that the characters of this story endured. The tale of Japara shows people what can happen if we let our feelings control our actions.


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