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Social Studies

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Some of the best known animals in Australia are the kangaroos, koalas, dingos, platypi, wallabys and wombats.

The Australian Flag

Whitehaven Beach is the number one beach of Australia, according to

Attractions - Sydney Opera House- Sydney Harbour Bridge- Sydney Mardi Gras- The Royal Botanical Gardens - Luna Park

Whitehaven Beach

Sydney Opera House

AustraliaThe Land Down Under

Whitehaven Beach -Streches over 7 kilometers -Crystal clear aqua water - Pristine silica sand - Whitsunday Island, Australia

What is the Sydney Opera House? -Multi-venue performing arts center - Australia's best known landmark, according to

What is the Sydney Harbour Bridge? - "Spans about 500 metres (1,650 feet)- Four railroad tracks, a highway, and two pedestrian walkways. - One of the longest steel-arch bridges in the world." according to


Australia is known as the land down under because of its postion in the southern hemispere.

Red= Australia

The Australian Flag-The largest star on the flag represents commonwealth -The seven points on the stars represent the unity between the six states and the territories of Australia, according to

World Map

Kangaroos -Plant Eating - Marsupial - Powerful long tail - Hop at 12 miles an hour

- length is about 3.3 feet -25 mph (maximum, when threatened)


Kangaroos Street Fighting


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