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Botany Bay Poem from a convict:To see my poor old fatherAs he stood at the bar;Likewise my dear old motherHer old gray locks she tore. And in tearing of her old gray locksThese words to me she did say:O son! O son! What hast thou done?Thou art bound for Botany Bay.

The British's legacy:*The name.*The stolen generation.*The Constitution.*The structure of the legal system.*Culture, language and lifestyle.* Descendats from convicts.*The flag.*The official head of the State.

First explorers *The Dutch, the Asian. *Captain James Cook explored the East coast of Australia (1770). *New South Wales.


The Flag:

A British colony: * A colony for convicts. (1788-1839). * The Independance of the USA. * The Gold Rush (1851-1856).

Botany Bay: *Located in New South Wales. *Fleets with convicts would arrive in there.

Conflicts: * Gold and wool trade (economic growth). * Miner's license. * Eureka Stokade (!854).


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