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Australia has one of the highest amounts of water consumptionSurface water is well known but ground water is not yet well known in AustraliaA very low amount of runoff affects the water, in the northern parts it is up to 0%

5 Water Saving Tips1. Check and make sure your faucets aren't leaking2. Don't leave water running while brushing teeth3. Install low-flow faucets4. Spend less time in the shower5. Wash only full loads of laundry and dishes

Perth, the first Australian city to operate a seawater desalination plant.State owned properties in Australia are in charge of supplying water to most of Australia.

Drinking Water ResourceMillbrook Reservoir Kangaroo Creek Reservoir Hope Valley ReservoirMount Bold ReservoirHappy Valley Reservoir Myponga Reservoir

The use of reclaimed water is also getting increasingly higher with many recreational uses of water and farming.Reclaimed Water : non-potable recycled water

There are occasional droughts which could be cruicial to Australia's water resources so they set limits and laws against the over use of water.

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Gold nuggets are found throughout Australia, most with metal detectors. In 2010 when there were three travelers with metal detectors who found a 60 pound gold nugget. Each ounce is worth about $1,700.


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