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ABOUTActor, singer, dancer, and producer who won a Saturn Award for Best Actor, and who People magazine named the Sexiest Man Alive in 2008. His roles in The Prestige, X-Men, Les Miserables, and Australia led to his massive success.BEFORE FAMEHe studied at Pymble Public School while growing up in Australia. He turned down a role on the soap opera Neighbours so that he could attend the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.TRIVIAHe co-starred alongside Nicole Kidman in the film Australia.FAMILY LIFEHe was raised as a devout Christian alongside his four older siblings. He married actress Deborra-Lee Furness in April 1996, and the couple adopted two children together.ASSOCIATED WITHHe starred in The Prestige with Christian Bale.


The animals are one of the many reasons people visit Australia. Australia has more than 378 mammal species, 828 bird species, 4000 fish species, 300 species of lizards, 140 snake species, two crocodile species and around 50 types of marine mammal.More than 80 per cent of our plants, mammals, reptiles and frogs are unique to Australia and are found no-where else. Some of the best-known animals are the kangaroo, koala, echidna, dingo, platypus, wallaby and wombat.

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Australians eat plenty of meat, lamb and veal. They also eat crocodile, buffalo, kangaroo and camel. The national dish is a meat pie accompanied by a gravy sauce.A great variety of fish and seafood is also part of the Australian diet.The most popular dessert in Australia is called Pavlova made with fruit and meringue.There is a good variety of tropical fruit in Australia, such as mango, papaya, pineapple, and guava.


Canberra. With a population of 381,488, it is Australia's largest inland city and the eighth-largest city overall. The city is located at the northern end of the Australian Capital Territory, 280 km south-west of Sydney, and 660 km north-east of Melbourne. A resident of Canberra is known as a "Canberran".


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