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Social Studies

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RegionsAustralia is the only country that is a continent so it only hads boundries that border the ocean.Australia has a huge reef where people come and look at.


LocationAustralia's capital absolute location is 35.3075°S 149.124417°EAustralia's relative location is south of Japan and east of Madagascar.

MovementThe main method of exporting and importing goods is air and sea. Air is the main method of people-movement out of and into the country. The internet is available in the main settled parts of Australia, and is available to those in rural regions. Both dial-up and broadband are used with degrees of availability.

H/E InteractionIt is important that Australia reduce its carbon pollution to minimise the severity of climate change. However, because some greenhouse gases stay in the atmosphere for about 100 years after they are first emitted, there will be some changes that cannot be avoided.

PlaceThe language of Australia's languges are English, aboriginal languge. The average Per Capita is $400,800.The climate is warm mostly all year. Water is every where on Australia. Australia has not a lot of rainforst but it have a few.


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