Australia-the perfect destination

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Australia-the perfect destination

The aborigines are the native people of Australia. They have a strong culture of storytelling and art. They call the beginning of the world,"the Dreaming" or "Dreamtime",when they believe many of their ancestors and animals rose up from the earth and sky.

Sidney is the capital of New South Wales and the largest city in the country. it's got everything-fantastic beaches-who hasn't heard of Bondi beach?-,the trendiest shops,non-stop nightlife,and only two hours away,you've got the Blue Mountains,-breathtaking scenery and fresh air. And the climate here is fantastic.

In 1770 James Cook sailed to the East Coast of Australia claiming it for Britain under the name of New South Walles. At that time Britain was sending its convicts to the USA. When the War of Independence started between the British and American colonies,Britain had to send its convicts elsewhere.In 1788,11 ships carrying about 1350 people come to Australia. This was the begging of a massive immigration to Australia.

Australia has always welcomed immigrants,and Australia food today shows the influences of the many different settlers from all over the world. But long before these settlers arrived,the aborigines were cooking and eating many different native animals and plants. Here are a few examples: damper,wattle seed ice cream,macadamia nuts and even witchetty crubs,for the brave ones.

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