[2015] Alaina Van Der Voort: Australia part 2

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[2015] Alaina Van Der Voort: Australia part 2

There is an estimated 27,700plant species in Australia and the Bottle Brush is the largestfamily of flowering plants. Theyare mostly red but can also begreen, yellow, white and violet.They grow from 5 feet shrubs into small trees.

23,923,101 people live in Australia. Canberra is the capital of Australia and 358,222 people live in Canberra as of 2013. The population density per km is 3. Australia isn't more crowded then Canada. I know this because the population density per km for Canada is 4 when Australia's is only 3.

Just like Canada Australia has 4seasons. Their season are at different times though. From Decmber to February is Australia's summer. March to May is Australia's fall. June to August is Australias winter and September to November is Australia's spring.

I think the best time to go to Australia is in between September and November. I think this because that is their spring and it's the besttime to see whales and all the flowers blooming.

Australia is the fourth largest exporter of wine in the world. However they do export many other things such as iron, gold, meat, wheat, natural gas, coal, agricultural products, aluminum, machinery, mining, wool and transpertation equipment.they also export fruits and dairy products.

Australia imports thingslike mahcinery and transportation equipment,computers and office machines, telecommunicationequipment and parts, crudeoil and petroleum products.

China, Japan, United States, Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, and The United Kingdom are Australia main trading partners.


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