[2015] Tyler Essex: Australia - Natural Disasters

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[2015] Tyler Essex: Australia - Natural Disasters

Australia natural Disasters

Cyclone TracyIn Decemder 25th, 1974 a cyclone hit.With a 240 km winds.71 people died in the cyclone.The islands in infected was tiwi island and most of Darwin.

Newcastle Earthquake On december the 28 1989 a earthquake hit.killing 13 people and 1000 people homeless.With 50 000 houses were damage.

Cyclone Mackay In Janury 1918 a cyclone hit northen Queenland. Rain was getting high as 1,411 millimetres. It started around 5am. 30 people had lost their lives.

Black Saturday BushfireOn 7th 0f Feburary 2009 a big bush fire happen in Victoria. It burned around 4.500 km. It happen around 5am 30 people had lost their lives.

Dust Storm MelbournOn the 8th of Febreuary 1982 in Melbourn. 50 000 tonnes of topsoil were stripped from the mallee. The open water channels were blocked from the sand and dirt. At 2.25 pm it had reached to 43.20c.


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