Australia early days

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Australia early days

Australia's Early Days

John Oxley recommends the site of Redcliff to Governor Brisbane as suitable convict settlement. It is established as a prison with in a prison settlement. Deliberately distant from Sydney where convicts who offend can be sent for further punishment. Soon after the colony is moved south from Redcliffe to a peninsula on the Brisbane river, site of the present of the present Central Biasness District of Brisbane.

Two catholic priests from Ireland arrive in the New south wales. It’s the first time since 1804 that the catholic mass has been allowed in public.

Van Diemen’s Land is made a separate colony, and George Arthur the lieutenant governor. It quickly becomes the central depot for the most ridged penal system in the British Empire.ext here

governor darling limmits settlement in New south wales by creating nighteen countries beyond wich settlers arnt allowed to go. however they soon disregard the country rule, they keep pushing outward looking for new pasture for there flocks. its the beginning of the age of the squatters who will sweep aside the old established order.

the black war in van diemens land intensifies, and lieutentant-governor arthur martial law, banning aborigines from all settled areas. military posts are set up along the boudries of the settled districts to keep them out.


After his return from the investigating conditions in the colonies of New south wales and Van Diemen’s Land bigge’s 3 volume report is published in London. The British government implements the recommendations. Convicts will no longer be allowed to make money or receive free land grants.








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