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Language Arts
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Austin's Glog

Brave: Leslie was being brave when she went into the bathroom to see what was wrong and why Janice Avery was crying.

Creative: Leslie was being very creative when she was imaging the land of Terabitha and what they would do and how it would be there secret and knowone else would no about it.

FriendsBy Austin Vaughn

Leslies Qualities

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Jesses Qualities


UnderstandingOne day one of my freinds was feeling very nervous about something. I told him that I have felt the same thing before and that I knew how he felt and I tried to make feel better because I knew what he was going through.

CreativeOne day when my mom asked me to find a stand for the flashlights we just bought. I said we didnt have any stands for the flashlights because we really didnt, but instead I said I could make a stand of legos.

LoyalOne day one of my brothers was feeling really nervous and really sad. Even though I knew there was proably nothing I could do to help I told him that I would be there for him if he needed me.



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