Austin Marchant Unbroken

by erinstrange
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Language Arts

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Austin Marchant Unbroken

A Hero An Olympic milerWho trained so greatlyAnd ran faster than them allBut it all changed the day they climbed aboard the Green Hornet.Thrashing and jerking the plane went down Leaving them to die.But Louie never gave up.Drifting in the ocean for many days and nights,They became weaker in physical strength,But stronger than ever in mental strength.They arrived onto landWhere they were beaten and torturedBut Louie never gave in.Through it all he emerged asA Hero.

"The seventeen Amercians who were left behind were never seen again." Many of the men knew them (including Louie), and it was hard on the men to just forget the ones that were left behind. Austin

Louie Zamperini

By Laura Hillenbrand


"Her face was made of heavenly smiles and her voice of tranquil music" Louie is fascinated about how amazing this woman is and sounds. Marissa

"There was a beating of boots in the hall and the Americans fell silent" This shows how much the Americans (including Louie) were afraid of the Japanese. Riley

"If the Japanese are this inept, Phil thought, America will win this war" The Japanese being ignorant and inept gives Louie and Phil the strength to keep on surviving. Maya

"In bewilderment, the men who had abused him watched him come to them, his hands extended, a radiant smile on his face." Sometimes forgiveness may not feel like the right thing to do, but it's always the best thing to do. SarahPg 387



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